Charles County Real Estate

35601927.jpgWelcome to Charles County! Located in the southernmost portion of Maryland, it is known as the gateway to Historic Southern Maryland. Charles County is a diverse and unique destination that boasts history, culture, outdoor activities and fabulous seafood!

Charles County´s population is approximately 140,416 as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2006. It is reported as one of the fastest growing counties in Maryland. It is made up of 643 square miles, 182 square miles of it being water. You will enjoy four distinct seasons throughout the year from the beautiful colors of the autumn leaves to the fun on the water during the hot summer months.

Enjoy Some Charles County History

35601935.jpgCharles County was founded in 1658 by an Order in Council. There is an abundance of history within the borders of this county. In 1865, John Wilkes Boothe made his escape through Charles County after the shooting of Abraham Lincoln. Visitors to the county can enjoy sites such as the homes of Dr. Samuel Mudd and Thomas Stone, as well as Mt. Carmel, which is the oldest Catholic convent in the United States.