Waldorf Real Estate

Waldorf-Pic-1.jpgWhat began as a small town along the railway has become one of the most sought-after, attractive bedroom communities close to Washington D.C. Through changes, growth and time, Waldorf has continued to advance. As a result, you will find a wide variety of homes in every price range and architectural style you can imagine, making it easy to find a home that´s right for you and your family. 

34853594.pngWith a tight-knit sense of community pride and neighborliness and an easy commute to Washington D.C.´s economical and recreational amenities, it´s no wonder people are relocating to Waldorf. You can use the Waldorf Property Search feature to select what you´re looking for in your dream home. This will allow you to only see the results that match your specific criteria. Use this website to gather the information you need when you´re thinking about buying in Waldorf.

Education in Waldorf

Waldorf-Pic-2.jpgGoverned by the Charles County Public Schools District, Waldorf schools have set visionary standards that they are determined to live up to.Waldorf schools aim to supply their students with a first-class education in a safe and supportive surrounding. Charles County Public Schools District believes in coming together with parents to provide support in the development of character and academic mastery. The ambition of Waldorf schools is to prepare dynamic citizens who contribute to a global community

Invest in a distinguished education by looking into Waldorf homes for sale. The excellent local schools in Waldorf make it an even more attractive place to live. Take a look at our featured Waldorf listings  or our office's listings to see what´s available today. If you're thinking about selling your home, you can use this website to read helpful seller´s tips as well as running a free current market value report that will help you see what homes in the area have sold for recently.

Waldorf Attractions

Waldorf-Pic-3.jpgOn Dr. Samuel Mudd Road you will find the Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House and Museum. This home is one of the few remaining plantations that stayed in the hands of the original family for over 2 centuries. The plantation was called St. Catherine and it stands as a testament to early architecture in the Waldorf area. Dr. Samuel Mudd was also the doctor that John Wilks Booth went to after shooting Lincoln. Dr. Mudd splinted Booth´s broken leg at this home. Also on the premises is the Farm Museum where you can find a collection of old tools and horse drawn machinery. 

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